360° panoramic time lapse

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February 9th 2013
Another small update (1.0.2) with some performance fixes for iPad2 users and iPod 5th generation is live now.

January 28th 2013
The iOS version, 360° Tour for Skyrim (1.0), for iPhone, iPod and iPad is now available in the App Store.
Follow the link 360° Tour for Skyrim to the iTunes page.

about this project

This is unique 360° interactive panoramic time lapse video of the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which let's you experience in-game footage like you were almost there.
Small tutorial: Use your mouse to drag around or arrow-keys to navigate around, after pressing play (or spacebar). NOTES: If you are browsing this page with a mobile device you get to see a traditional rendition, of this video instead of an interactive 3D experience. You need Adobe Flash on a modern machine to enjoy this. Dedicated iOS and Android versions of this project are also coming quite soon (come back here for updates).

Celebrating the beautiful landscapes in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, I created this machinima style panoramic time-lapses showing of the dynamic world of the game. In a technical endeavor, taking around two weeks to make, using nothing but the game, some scripting, tools and programming, I captured over 1 terabyte of images and stitched and rendered these into large 4096x2048 panoramas, which were in turn converted to 24 frame per second video streams. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in making it.

This content is a personal fan-art creation for fans of the game and game enthusiasts in general.
It illustrates a new way to review, and closely match in-game experience on some levels prior to playing it.

As someone who has a lot of experience in the area of 360° panoramic video by creating and owning some of its surrounding technology, I wanted to illustrate the impact and usefullness of this technology.

Let me know what you think (good and bad). You can chat with me at ron@mindlight.nl.

360° panorama wallpapers

A valley near Riften
Between the Stone Arcs
Entering Whiterun
Evening stroll through Solitude
A mill in the Pale
Riften at night from the lake

some facts

Over 1 Terabyte of images were captured in a period of two weeks.
I used modern PC hardware with all graphics set to maximum with no MODS to alter the appearance. I wanted to depict the game as it is.
One minute of footage typically took around 16 hours to create.
After creating the images they were stitched to spherical panoramas with a resolution of 4096x2048 pixels.
These images were converted to video at 24 frames per second in Apple ProRes formats, resulting in around 10 minutes of high resololution video footage.
After being edited, the resulting video edit is around 22,6 GB.

For distribution purposes video was converted, using modest/appropriate configurations using FFmpeg.

But I'm not done yet, and you all might also have suggestions. In any case, watch out for the upcoming iOS and Android versions with gyroscopic navigation.

If you have trouble watching this video here, there is a traditional rendition of this video on Vimeo.